About LU Inc. – Who We Are


The idea for Lu, Inc. came as early as the 1970s. It was officially created in 1984 by Novice J. Cole Sr. and Betty Cole. Novice J. Cole Sr. was the definition of an entrepreneur, spending most of his life starting various businesses and saw the demand for road construction and road improvement throughout the country. With this in mind he started a guardrail business, having some experience in the steel industry. Since its founding in 1984, Lu, Inc. has positioned itself as one of the most well-respected guardrail installers in the Southeast. The growth of the company has been due in large part to the foresight of its current President and CEO Novice J. Cole Jr., and the constant updating and improving of products and services offered. Novice J. Cole Jr. displayed this foresight by adding a sign division to the company not too long after the business had been created. As the company continued to grow and other divisions were added, Eric Allen was hired and implemented as the Guardrail Division Head and did not miss a beat. He has been instrumental in the success and consistency of the guardrail division, single-handedly taking the number of guardrail jobs into the 1000s. Another big part of Novice J. Cole Jr.’s foresight was on display in 1999 when the Fence Division was added and Doug McWhorter was hired. Since that time, the Fence Division has been a constant source of revenue and relationship building for Lu, Inc. Since taking over as President, Novice J. Cole Jr. also made the decision to expand geographically and move into various states throughout the southeastern portion of the United States.

It is the policy of Lu, Inc. (“Lu”) to maintain the highest ethical standards and to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. We believe that adherence to this policy will ensure our continued success and will earn and maintain the confidence of our customers and the community in which we live. In order to ensure that Lu operates pursuant to this policy, we have established this Code.

Many benefits accrue to LU Inc. by conducting our field operations in a safe and orderly manner. Our competitive position can be enhanced considerably by reduced cost of insurance, labor, and field operations. Because there are few other job site activities with greater capacity for building goodwill, our safety program can serve as an effective public relations tools as well.


  • Guardrail installation
  • Sign installation
  • Fence installation
  • Attenuator installation
  • Fabrication
  • Maintenance