Testimonials for GuideRail

“Lu Inc. performed their work in an exceptional and professional manner. The crews routinely asked if the work was up to Pavkov Contracting’s and the Federal Highways standards. The workmanship and installation was performed without delay and to complete satisfaction.”

Lance Pavkov
Pavkov Contracting

“Lu, Inc. was able to complete their work free of errors and in compliance with GDOT specifications and according to the project schedule. They were able to satisfy and exceed the expectations of Archer Western.”

Brian Woods
Archer Western Contractors

“I would like to thank Guide Services’ attentive and responsive staff. The staff was understanding of my needs and genuinely cared that my needs were met. The equipment that NaturChem received was better than expected. As a company that is accountable for strict deadlines, we will not use anyone other than Guide Services for our attenuator needs.”

Daniel Bolton