Who We Are

Both LU, Inc. and Guide Services fall into the category of “safety & security specialty contractors.” This means that LU, Inc. and Guide Services provide services and products that improve the overall safety and security of a project. While these companies have a common goal, they serve different roles in achieving the goal. Lu, Inc.’s role is installing fence, guardrail, signage, and attenuators throughout the southeastern portion of the country. Guide Services’ role is to provide products that make work zones safer in our service area. The services and/or products that LU, Inc. and Guide Services provide can be encapsulated in two words “Improving Safety.”

What We Do

LU, Inc. is a safety & security specialty highway contractor that operates across the southeast. The scope of work that LU, Inc. performs includes: fencing, guardrail, signage, and attenuator install and repairs. Whether the job entails securing a facility with fencing or access control, installing guardrail for a municipality, or erecting an overhead sign structure on a major interstate, LU, Inc.’s main focus is improving safety and security for the end user.

Where We Work

As indicated in Our Service Area map, we perform work in the following states: Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. Our projects tab will give you a firsthand look at our diverse service offering.

Our Services

“Lu Inc. performed their work in an exceptional and professional manner. The crews routinely asked if the work was up to Pavkov Contracting’s and the Federal Highways standards. The workmanship and installation was performed without delay and to complete satisfaction.”

- Lance Pavkov -
Pavkov Contracting

“Lu, Inc. was able to complete their work free of errors and in compliance with GDOT specifications and according to the project schedule. They were able to satisfy and exceed the expectations of Archer Western.”

- Brian Woods -
Archer Western Contractors

“I would like to thank Guide Services’ attentive and responsive staff. The staff was understanding of my needs and genuinely cared that my needs were met. The equipment that NaturChem received was better than expected. As a company that is accountable for strict deadlines, we will not use anyone other than Guide Services for our attenuator needs.”

- Daniel Bolton -

Our Service Area

As indicated on the map, Lu Incorporated & Guide Services, Inc. have the ability to service the following states: Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. With an office located in Kingston Springs, Tennessee and another in Carrollton, Georgia, both Lu, Incorporated & Guide Services, Inc. are no more than 250 miles from any bordering state. These centrally located offices give both companies the ability to be on site for work and/or make deliveries in one days time. Both companies pride themselves on providing 24/7 customer service to all states served.